Since his first article in 2001, Dr. Herrera has delivered a total of 48 scientific reports (41 research articles, 5 reviews, 2 book chapters; 6 as corresponding author, 12 as first author; 10 as second author; 20 as a co-author), which were cited more than 4300 times (H factor: 27; see for updated details). Dr. Herrera published in high IF journals within his field, such as Cell Death Diff. (IF: 15.828), Nature Comm. (IF: 14.919), Cancer Res. (IF: 12.701), J. Pineal Res. (IF: 13.007, Top Five Ranking in Physiology and Top ten in Endocrinology and Metabolism), Cell Mol Life Sci (IF: 9.261), Free Rad. Biol. Med. (IF: 7.376), Hum Mol Gen (IF: 6.150) or J. Biol. Chem. (IF: 5.157). Thirty-eight of these articles were published in journals within the 1st quartile IF of their respective fields.

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